Start your private label with a right dosage form and packaging option

From a concept to create your own brand products, there may be various options available on product formulation or packaging design. However, when it comes to ingredient sourcing, quality ingredients are the only choice. Additionally, choosing the right dosage form and packaging design is one the most important decisions for your brands future and success. Dosage forms are related to your products stability, bio-availability and performance; while the right packaging & design will offer you a better opportunity for marketing and branding success.

As a contract manufacturer with over 20 years experience, serving hundreds of brands that sell natural health products globally, we know what works and are ready to help you. Our clients that have been incredibly successful with product branding, marketing and sustainable growth have always started with a clear mission and committed to making smart choices based on facts before making any serious financial investment. These choices include choosing the right manufacturing partner, dosage form and packaging options for their brand.

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We are a leading Canadian contract manufacturer for private label and custom formula natural health and vitamin supplement product.

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