A Paragon of Quality & Safety

At Nutralab, we believe and practice an uncompromising quality philosophy and program that surpasses over and beyond the current Good manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and standards of Health Canada and the USFDA.

A Team Dedicated to Professionalism

Our dedicated team of expert quality control and quality assurance personnel have deployed a rigorous and meticulous quality assurance program to ensure that each raw material and finished product adheres to the highest quality and purity for optimal efficacy and safety.

Safety Is The #1 Priority

Every single ingredient entering the plant is thoroughly tested and qualified for identity, potency and purity through third party laboratory testing, supplier quality validation and documentation that enables us to design and manufacture unparalleled products that you can rely on us with utmost confidence and peace of mind. Notwithstanding this, we believe in the continuous improvement of our quality assurance approaches and incessantly pursue perfection. This enables us to deliver products of consistent quality with minimal to almost no lot to lot variations. We revel in the fact that our painstaking quality assurance approach ultimately helps elevating the quality of life of the product consumers.